— In what way fashion can be connected to music?

Both are creative, both get abused for money.

— Costuming is part of the TEED universe. How much time do you spend creating your character? And what is this character about?

There is no character creation or meaning. It's me.

— Is your look a reaction to something? Are you questioning or altering the status quo of men's style, if there is one today?

Maybe. I'm certainly trying to enjoy clothes.


— What are your limits and why?

20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, im human.

— How do you perceive talent. What does it mean for you?

It means interviews apparently.

— Hyeres Festival is about talented youth who were chosen for their work out of hundreds of global contestants. What do you expect to see at Hyères?

Lots of people smoking cigarettes wearing obscure designer sunglasses.

— Do you have visual inspirations while you are mixing or recording?

Yes, more and more.

— Do you feel your work is connected to British culture or any other culture? In what way?

I'm more influenced by the moon and its severe lack of culture.