— Your favorite song of the moment?

Please turn me Into The Snat by Connan Mockasin.
We played with him in Milan and he did the most amazing encore-incorporating Michael Jackson covers, catwalk stage invasions and improvised pop-jazz. Our jaws hit the floor, and now we only play this song in the van.

— The song that you've listen the most?

Life During Wartime by Talking Heads.
A song we always play before rehearsals to get in the mood, or just in the van before shows. Great lyrics and great brass.

— The song you listen to when you wake up?

Good Morning Good Morning by The Beatles.
Our tour manager uses it to get us out of bed.

— Your "guilty pleasure" song?

We're not sure we believe in 'guilty' pleasures in music. But we don't like to shout about the fact we quite like Jessie's Girl by Rick Springfield. It's video is an 80s classic.

— The song that makes you feel cool?

Oblivion by Grimes.

— The song you listen to when you travel?

Ignition by R.Kelly.
We also like Real Talk by R.Kelly for it's unique spin on man/relationships and Regulate by Warren G gets it fair share of spins when the sun is out.

— The song you play at a party?

212 by Azaelia Banks.
Tom can't get enough of it.

— The song that makes you happy?

Pull Up To My Bumper by Grace Jones.
We were at a party recently and it was pretty flat. Then the Djs dropped this and the whole dance floor exploded.

—And the one that makes you cry?

Anything by David Guetta, for obvious reasons.

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